Bases and Dilutents


There are many materials you can use in order to dilute cannabis oil. We have provided the most commonly used bases or solvents on the market, as well as a few of our own unique solutions. All of these products are typically used in rates between 5-20%. Ultimately, it is up to you as the creator of the product to decide how diluted you want to make your product, and which products you want to use. 

We understand that product consistency is of the utmost importance. We are able to support customers with reliable service and quality products to ensure the user is getting a consistent product time and time again. Fractionated Coconut Oil A Medium Chain Triglyceride compound (a MCT oil), Fractionated Coconut oil is an all-natural solution for the vape markets and products alike. Colorless in appearance and virtually tasteless, this consumer demanded natural diluent is a great option for those who are impartial to PG and want to maintain a natural label. Propylene Glycol (PG) PG is an organic compound that works well as a cannabis diluent up to a certain percentage (25%).

Colorless in appearance, with a slightly sweet and more preferable taste when compared to MCT oils, PG is a strong solvent and is an acceptable option to use with any end product. Although there is some negative stigma regarding this material as an inhalant, we feel that compared to other alternatives, PG is a widely consumed and studied product and is generally regarded as safe to use. Sweet Base Our Sweet Base is built using PG and is designed to work as a sweeter option to PG.

This product can be used just like PG, but will give your product a nice and flat, sweet taste and pairs well with any TasteBudds Sweet Cream Base Just like Sweet base, only creamier! Think ice cream.