Vape Ready MCT Base

Sizes available:

2ml | 10ml | 4oz | 16oz | 5lb

Our TasteBudds line of all-natural flavors are blended using fractionated coconut oil as the solvent. MCT oils, or Medium-Chain Triglyceride compounds, are typically used in flavor development among other consumer products, such as vitamins, and are generally accepted as safe for consumption.

In the cannabis market, many consumers are demanding a natural alternative to solvents such as Propylene Glycol (PG) or Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), as some people are concerned with adulterating their products with materials that are not considered natural.

All materials we offer at Extract Consultants are food grade products and are regarded as safe for consumption. While we do not endorse any safety claims on whether one material is safer to use than the other, we do understand the negative stigma around some of the other solvent options, and are happy to provide a natural solution for our customers who want to maintain an all-natural product.

Our products are highly concentrated, allowing an add back rate of just 1-3%, depending on the flavor and your taste preference.

The information below will give you an estimate of how much vape, depending on add back rate, you can flavor with each of our available quantities.

10ML Sample

1% add back = ~1,000g

2% add back = ~   500g

3% add back = ~   333g


1% add back = ~11,350g

2% add back = ~  5,675g

3% add back = ~  3,783g


1% add back = ~45,400g

2% add back = ~22,700g

3% add back = ~15,133g

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