At Extract Consultants, LLC, not only can we help your company build brands, but we also offer services such as equipment recommendation, on-site production optimization, blending for shop use, and on-going technical support.


EXTRACTION METHODOLOGY—We are well versed in CO2, BHO, and alcohol extraction methods. Considering what method to take on is an important decision for all new producers. Many get into this aspect of the industry without realizing the total cost involved or without understanding which method is ideal for their unique product. We want to help you ensure that you are making an educated investment.

We work closely with Skunk Pharm Research, the leader in all things extraction methodology and equipment. At Skunk Pharm Research, quality, consistency and safety are of the utmost priority. Just a little research will tell you, when it comes to state of the art BHO extraction equipment, there are none superior. Learn more about Skunk Pharm Research here!

FLAVOR AND TERPENE BLENDING—Not only can we provide you with the flavors for your activities and help you build brands, but we can also provide you with on-site production training for your staff. Whether you’re flavoring applications, we can help you create consistent flavor profiles in your products over and over again.

PRODUCTION OPTIMIZATION—We understand that many new companies have growing pains. We are here to help you relieve some of those stressors. At Extract Consultants, LLC, we provide hourly consultation to help your company optimize your production environment through:

—Cost Reduction

—Identifying Bottlenecks

—Equipment Recommendations

—On-Site Process Training

We are conveniently located in Portland, OR.

When your company is ready to take the next step, contact Extract Consultants, LLC, at or call Max at 574-309-7991.